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-60℃ Horizontal Ultra low temperature freezer

-60℃ Horizontal Ultra low temperature freezer


Certificate: ISO, CE


Customized support: OEM, ODM

  • Specification

    item value
    Warranty 3 years
    Classification Laboratory Refrigeration Equipments
    Certification ISO, CE
    Customized support OEM, ODM
    Brand Name Fanling
    Place of Origin China
    Product Name Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
    Application Biotech/Hospital/Cryogenic Bulk Storage
    Temperature Range -60℃
    Control System Microcomputer control
    Voltage 220V/50HZ,110V/60HZ
    Power Supply 400W
    Refrigerant Unique Fluoride-free Mixed Refrigerant
  • Features

    • Accurate temperature control system

    Use Italian CAREL computer temperature control system. It can display the internal temperature by numbers, and the temperature in
    the box can be adjusted within the range of -60℃, with the adjustment unit of 1℃.
    It has a 7-inch LCD touch screen with a clear display and simple operation;

    • Safe control system

    It has password protection, startup delay protection, voltage abnormality compensation protection, and various fault alarm

    • refrigeration system

    German SECOP brand high-efficiency compressor;
    German EBM dissipate heat fan;
    German DANFOSS drying filtration system;
    German DANFOSS condensing system in Germany

    • Human-oriented design

    High-strength adjustable shelves and specially designed file boxes can be more convenient for recording;
    Large screen digital display is convenient for observation;
    Using medical stainless steel liner -SUS304, it is more resistant to low temperature, corrosion, and easy to clean.

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